The Committee is an official entity of Memorial Hermann Health System, guided by the policies, procedures and the purpose and values of the System.

Responsibility for the successful functioning of the Committee belongs to the MHHS Division of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care. The Vice President of the Division is accountable for leading, organizing, and facilitating its work. The Committee is made up of physician(s) and staff of Memorial Hermann.

The following guidelines will serve to facilitate the work of the Committee:

  1. The office of the Vice President for Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care will be the central headquarters of communication and planning for the Committee. Persons and organizations (both internal and external to MHHS) seeking to communicate with the Committee will do so through this office.
  2. The Committee will meet at least quarterly to discuss the work of medical missions through MHHS, and to facilitate medical mission projects for the System.
  3. Minutes which record the Committee's meeting agenda, proceedings, and decisions will be kept in the Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care office and distributed to the Committee after each meeting.
  4. The Committee will be composed of up to ten persons from the various health care constituencies that function within Memorial Hermann Health System. Physicians, nurses, and MHHS Administrators are the three constituencies that should be well represented on the Committee at all times. Committee members will be selected through input from active Committee members, and approval and invitation from the Committee's Leadership Team.
  5. Any and all efforts to elicit philanthropic gifts for the ongoing work of the Committee's mission will be coordinated through MHHS Senior Management and, when appropriate, with the Memorial Hermann Foundation.
  6. The Committee will seek continually to accomplish its work in communication and collaboration with other organizations, locally, nationally, and globally that are committed to the work of medical missions.
  7. The Committee will at all times perform its duties with a clear sense of accountability to Memorial Hermann Health System and with a concerted effort to protect the best interests of Memorial Hermann.