In Harris County, 16.6% of individuals are food insecure – meaning they do not have access to healthy food on a regular basis. That rate jumps up to 23% for area children. Food insecurity has been directly linked to distressing health outcomes, including chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, and for children, behavioral problems and poor academic performance.

Memorial Hermann Initiatives

Every patient in every Memorial Hermann facility is screened for food insecurity and has access to several resources providing support and assistance in getting healthy, nutritious food.

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Meals to Heal

Partnering with Meals on Wheels is Memorial Hermann’s Meals to Heal program, which identifies patients unable to cook or shop on their own after they leave the hospital. Several weeks’ worth of meals are tailored to meet specific dietary needs and are delivered directly to patients’ homes, at no cost. An added benefit is the daily connection between discharged patient and meal delivery staff. Trained to connect with patients on how they are feeling, delivery staff immediately alert case management if a patient appears to need connections and/or follow-up.

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Food RX @ WAVE Health Center

Memorial Hermann is proud to bring Houston Food Bank’s Food RX (prescription) program to our WAVE School-Based Clinic to increase community access to nutritious food. This program enables individuals to better manage their health while lowering the financial stress of household grocery costs, resulting in improved health outcomes and decreased food insecurity. For more information please click here.

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StepHealthy Day

Explore our farmers market – in partnership with Houston Food Bank, where you can pick up fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods for free. Connect with others from your community and improve your health through fitness with a free Zumba demonstration and guided walks through the park.

Held twice a month:
StepHealthy Day at Moody Park
StepHealthy Day at Castillo Park