Health Centers for Schools

Memorial Hermann Health Centers for Schools provide medical, mental health, dental, nutritional, navigation, and exercise programming to eligible children and adolescents in more than 80 schools in the greater Houston area.

Ten school-based health clinics and three mobile dental vans serve as a holistic medical home for uninsured and Medicaid children and a secondary access point for insured children in 5 school districts.

Our primary goal is to bring increased healthcare to students who otherwise will not receive it and to keep them in school where they can learn. Successful partnerships like this share the mission of reducing student absenteeism and improving students’ overall health and well-being.

Click here to read the 2020 Health Centers for Schools Annual Report.

The program collaborates with the community partners and schools to assist families with other needed health services.

Available services at the school-based clinics include:

Doctor Measuring Child
  • Well-child and sick visits
  • Immunizations
  • Preventative health care
  • Annual and sports physicals
  • Hearing and vision screening
  • Assistance applying for insurance programs and other health and social services
  • Dental and Nutritional services
  • Mental health and mental wellness services

Appointment Preparation

  • Complete and sign the general consent for your child to receive services at the clinic. This can be done via our online forms. Forms can also be found on the school-based clinic website for you to download, print, and have your child bring to their appointment.
  • Make sure your child is prepared for the type of appointment they are coming to.
    • Medical – Please send a list of any medications your child is taking, including over-the-counter and prescription drugs
      • Please send all previous immunization records and/or medical records to assist us in updating your child’s health.
    • Nutritional – Make sure your child fasts for the first appointment. No eating after midnight the night before.
    • Dental – Complete and sign dental consent form.
      • Please bring any appliances and/or provide as much dental history as you can on your child.
  • Write down any other concerns or questions you have so we can address them at your child’s appointment.

Eligible Schools

Alief Health Center

  • Elsik High School
  • Hasting High School
  • Taylor High School
  • Elsik 9th Grade
  • Hasting 9th Grade
  • Alief Middle School
  • Crossroads

Burbank Health Center

  • North Houston Early College High
  • Sam Houston High School
  • Wheatley High School
  • Burbank Middle School
  • Patrick Henry Middle School
  • Burbank Elementary
  • Herrera Elementary
  • Janowsky Elementary
  • Roosevelt Elementary

Elrod Health Center

  • Elrod Elementary
  • Halpin Early Childhood Center

Hogg Health Center

  • Booker T. Washington High School
  • Heights High School
  • Hamilton Middle School
  • Hogg Middle School
  • Browning Elementary
  • Crockett Elementary
  • Field Elementary
  • Harvard Elementary
  • Helms Elementary
  • Love Elementary

Kruse Health Center

  • Pasadena High School
  • Jackson Intermediate
  • DeZavala Middle School
  • Gardens Elementary
  • Kruse Elementary
  • Richey Elementary

Lamar Health Center

  • Lamar Consolidated High School
  • Lamar Junior High School
  • Wessendorff Middle School
  • Austin Elementary
  • Deaf Smith Elementary
  • Hutchinson Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Jane Long Elementary
  • Juan Seguin Early Childhood Center
  • T.L. Pink Elementary

Nimitz Health Center

  • Nimitz Senior High School
  • Nimitz 9th Grade
  • Jones Middle School
  • Lewis Middle School
  • Teague Middle School
  • Young Women’s Leadership Academy
  • Cypresswood Elementary
  • Dunn Elementary
  • Jones Elementary
  • Jones EC/PC/K
  • Ogden Elementary
  • Magrill Elementary

Sharpstown Health Center

  • Sharpstown High School
  • Sharpstown International
  • Jane Long Academy
  • Fondren Middle School
  • Las Americas Newcomers School
  • Sugar Grove Academy
  • Welch Middle School
  • Bonham Elementary
  • Neff Elementary
  • Neff Early Learning
  • Sutton Elementary
  • McNamara Elementary

Terry Health Center

  • Terry High School
  • George Junior School
  • Navarro Middle School
  • Beasley Elementary
  • Bowie Elementary
  • Culver Elementary
  • Meyer Elementary
  • Ray Elementary
  • Travis Elementary

WAVE Health Center

  • South Houston High School
  • Queens Intermediate
  • South Houston Intermediate
  • Nelda Sullivan Middle School
  • Rick Schneider Middle School
  • Jessup Elementary
  • L.F. Smith Elementary
  • Matthys Elementary
  • South Houston Elementary


Memorial Hermann Community Benefit Corporation partners with five school districts – Houston, Pasadena, Aldine, Alief, and Lamar Consolidated ISDs – to provide a medical home for children in grades K-12. Each of the clinics is staffed by a nurse practitioner/physician assistant, social worker, licensed vocational nurse, and receptionist with additional dietitian and navigator support and physician oversight. The centers are open year-round, five days a week and serve students in the schools’ designated elementary, middle, and high school feeder patterns (check the links to ensure eligibility).