Connecting Healthcare and Education

When children stay healthy, they can stay in the classroom and learn. That’s why Memorial Hermann Health Centers for Schools exist – to bridge the gap between health and education for children who need it most. Our school-based clinics provide medical, mental health, dental, nutritional, navigation, and exercise services to eligible children in more than 80 schools in the greater Houston area.

We offer nine locations and three mobile dental vans as a medical home for uninsured children, and as a secondary care point for insured children. The primary goal of our school-based clinics is to make healthcare more accessible for students, which helps keep them in school and can improve their overall well-being.


Memorial Hermann Community Benefit Corporation partners with five school districts.

  • Houston ISD
  • Pasadena ISD
  • Aldine ISD
  • Alief ISD
  • Lamar ISD

Our health centers provide a medical home for children in grades K-12. Each of the clinics is staffed by a nurse practitioner/physician assistant, social worker, licensed vocational nurse, and receptionist with additional dietitian and navigator support and physician oversight. The centers are open year-round, five days a week and serve students in eligible elementary, middle, and high schools. (In order to check eligibility, follow the links below.)

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