Advancing Health and Health Care in Houston 

Memorial Hermann and Aetna

Aetna and Memorial Hermann Accountable Care Network are teaming up to redefine health care with Aetna Whole HealthSM. Our new coordinated approach delivers a better patient experience at a much lower cost. When we bring the right people and technology together, patients are healthier and so are our clients' budgets. Our clients end up spending far less to keep their employees healthier.

Two key ingredients make the difference:

  • Memorial Hermann Accountable Care Network physicians are rewarded for working together to improve quality of care while controlling costs.
  • We make timely information available to doctors and patients so they can make better, more informed health care decisions.

Spiraling health care costs are a serious problem for employers and employees alike. That's why Memorial Hermann Accountable Care Network is working with Aetna Whole HealthSM — a unique plan designed for doctors, driven by doctors, and built with one goal in mind: to deliver better patient care at a significantly lower cost.

Aetna Whole Health

With Aetna Whole Health, doctors are paid for keeping patients healthy, not just for treating them when they are sick. Care team members and patients have easy access to tools that keep them informed and making better health care decisions. Doctors can help identify patients at risk of serious illness before they get sick. And doctors using technology combined with the latest medical guidelines, helps ensure the most effective, most up-to-date medical care.

Aetna Power of Connection

You spend 62% more on your members' health insurance premiums than you did in 2003. Ready to talk Aetna Whole Health now? Or should we wait another 10 years? — Source 2012 Face the Facts USA, A project of George Washington University

Ready to change the way you think about your health care plan?

Call your broker or Aetna directly at 1 (855) 282-3867. Or email for a quote.

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