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Memorial Hermann Media Center

A digital news platform, offering broadcast-quality video assets available exclusively to our media partners.

Here you will find broadcast-quality breaking news and evergreen video packages and assets that will be available to you, our media partners, to use in your coverage.

Each package consists of timely interviews with Memorial Hermann experts and affiliated physicians about current news and health topics, as well as b-roll and soundbites from powerful patient stories, special announcements, events, and more.

New packages will be added weekly, and watermarked previews of all videos can be viewed on their individual pages.

See something you like? Simply fill out your information on the video’s webpage and our team will be in touch ASAP to send you the requested assets.

In addition, if there is an interview or b-roll that you would like for a story that isn’t in the Media Center, we want to help with that too! Just send us your request at

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Access the most up-to-date breaking news packages featuring relevant b-roll and interviews with Memorial Hermann experts and affiliated physicians. New packages are added weekly.

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Need news content suitable for any time? Access evergreen news packages featuring Memorial Hermann experts, affiliated physicians, and powerful patient stories.

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Access our complete library of digital content, in chronological order.

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