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The Purpose and Scope of Medical Missions

Medical Missions LogoMemorial Hermann Medical Missions was founded in 1999 to serve as a liaison between the resources of Memorial Hermann and underserved residents of global communities and during natural disasters in the United States.

All decisions of the mission are made by the Memorial Hermann Medical Missions Committee and their goal is to assist those who suffer from inadequate medical, dental and general health support.

Dr. Yong-Sik Kim treats patient.

Yong-Sik Kim, MD treats a patient on his medical mission to Mexico in August 2017 with Global Medical Mission Alliances.

Memorial Hermann Medical Missions also collaborates with similar organizations outside Memorial Hermann. This is done to maximize mission-specific resources available in the Houston community.

Because of today's global society, the definition of community can no longer be limited to the areas around Memorial Hermann. In light of today's worldwide community and the availability of immediate access via jet service, it is incumbent on Memorial Hermann, as a leader in healthcare, to include our global neighbors in our community outreach efforts. As a leader in healthcare we are committed to share medical resources with these global neighbors. This includes dedicated professionals within the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System who are committed to facilitating the flow of resources, personnel and supplies to neighboring communities.

The Memorial Hermann Medical Missions Committee offers scholarships for air travel to Memorial Hermann employees and employees of Memorial Hermann medical staff. In addition, it offers supplies to Memorial Hermann medical staff participating on medical mission trips. Also, Medical Missions supports eligible retired staff and retired physicians. The mission frequently partners with other organizations to accomplish global and local medical missions.

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If you are interested in participating in Memorial Hermann Medical Missions or would like to learn more about this important work, please write or call us using the contact information below.

Memorial Hermann Medical Missions

909 Frostwood, Suite 1.607
Houston, Texas 77024

Phone: (713) 338-6555
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