Setting the Pace in Cardiovascular Care

Across Memorial Hermann, affiliated heart and vascular physicians perform more than 200,000 procedures annually. Memorial Hermann’s expertise extends from lifesaving heart attack treatment to heart rhythm disorders treatment for advanced heart failure and complex surgeries, including the most complex vascular and heart surgeries. That’s just the beginning. New minimally invasive procedures allow for life-saving interventions for people too ill for traditional open heart surgical procedures, These innovations continue to put Memorial Hermann at the forefront of advancing heart health in Houston. And when patients have a better chance of recovering faster, they can return to the things they enjoy sooner.

More than half of Houston’s heart specialists are on active staff at Memorial Hermann, giving patients access to a complete range of cardiac care from interventional cardiology and electrophysiology to complex robotically assisted procedures. With the addition of the Center for Advanced Heart Failure located at the Larry D. Johnson Heart & Vascular Institute at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, patients now have access to innovative medical, minimally invasive and surgical options for heart failure including heart transplant.

Memorial Hermann’s high quality cardiac care throughout the Houston area has been recognized by awards and certifications from the:

Delivering Award-Winning Heart Care

Memorial Hermann Hospitals Earn Mission: Lifeline Quality Awards for Heart Attack Care

The American Heart Association has awarded its Mission: Lifeline® Quality Awards to these Memorial Hermann Hospitals: Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center (Gold), Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center (Gold Plus) and Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital (Bronze Plus). The Receiving Awards are given to hospitals for implementing specific quality improvement measures outlined by the American Heart Association for the treatment of patients who suffer severe heart attacks.

Comprehensive Stroke and STEMI (Heart Attack) Receiving Center Certification

Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center is certified by the American Heart Association Comprehensive Stroke Center (only 2 in the state of Texas) and STEMI (Heart Attack) Receiving Center (only 2 in the Texas medical center).

Heart and Vascular Annual Report

The 2023 annual report for the Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Program highlights the program’s accomplishments over the past year and gives a glimpse into its evolution since Memorial Hermann Health System began offering cardiovascular services more than 40 years ago.

View the 2023 annual report »

Innovation & Research-Affiliated with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth

Coronary artery disease remains the greatest cause of death and disability in adults, despite the fact that it is also one of the most detectable and curable of all major life-threatening chronic illnesses. Studies have shown that noninvasive medical treatment, including intense drug management and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, can significantly decrease heart attack, death, stroke or the need for surgery.

In collaboration with the McGovern Medical School, Memorial Hermann’s team of affiliated, award-winning clinicians, researchers and educators are developing and perfecting innovative techniques that push the envelope of cardiovascular care through the Memorial Hermann Center for Innovation and Research.

From studies on how to reverse the effects of heart disease to developing minimally invasive techniques for valve repair, our patients benefit by taking part in national research trials that allow us to take advancements from the research lab to the patient’s bedside where they can have the greatest impact on people’s lives.

The level of expertise and innovation of the physicians affiliated with the Larry D. Johnson Heart & Vascular Institutes and Centers continues to reach new heights. Together, they serve more patients than any other health system; at the same time receiving national accolades for patient safety and quality demonstrating our commitment to innovation, growth and performance improvement. In keeping with the culture of advancing health, our institutes are constantly evaluating new treatments and approaches to care.

Highlights in Innovation Include:

  • The first in the world to show heart disease can be reversed
  • The first in Houston to implant a transcatheter heart valve – allowing for replacement of a diseased aortic valve without open heart surgery
  • The Weatherhead PET Center – the first institution in the world dedicated to preventing and reversing coronary heart disease
  • Surgeons pioneering the world’s breakthroughs in aortic aneurysm repair
  • The first in Houston to perform minimally invasive surgery to correct atrial fibrillation
  • The first in Texas to give patients clot-dissolving drugs to stop heart attacks
  • The first in Texas to perform cardiac catheterization surgery
  • The first in Texas to offer cardiac risk screening designed specifically for women

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