Amanda Chan

Six Symptoms to Never Ignore

Dr. Amanda Chan talks six signs a parent should look out for, and how to help when they occur.

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Child hands covered in soap

What's the Best Choice for Clean Hands?

It seems like everywhere you look these days you see hand sanitizer. But is it the best choice?

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Child being checked out by doctor

Debunking Medical Myths

Truth is when it comes to kids and health, conventional wisdom is ever-evolving. Dr. Ann Schroeder Lee, debunks some of these common myths.

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Woman talking with child

The Effects of Over Prescription

Dr. Victoria Regan, a pediatrician affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, gave us the 411.

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Child getting shot from doctor

Which Shots When?

On the list along side buying school supplies and uniforms is making sure children get the appropriate vaccinations. Here are general guidelines to make sure your child is ready before classes begin.

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Woman talking with child

A Fun Halloween Starts with Safety

To ensure this year’s Halloween memories are picture perfect, it’s best to keep safety top-of-mind, before, during and after the big night.

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