Patient wheeled through ERA new initiative at Memorial Hermann Pearland Hospital is helping EMS personnel get in and out of the hospital’s Emergency Center faster. Through the hospital’s EMS Save Time initiative, launched October 2019, EMS units call ahead (via (713) 413-6552) to provide report on each patient. Upon arrival, the patient’s bed or room assignment is posted on the tracking board, allowing EMS personnel to take the patient straight to their assigned bed or room.

A similar initiative has been designed at Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital, where EMS units call ahead (via (281) 929-6224) to expedite the admission process upon arrival.

In addition to faster turnaround for EMS, both processes enables the ER to be better prepared to receive the patient, thus improving and expediting patient care.

Goal: 15- to 20-Minute Turnaround

Memorial Hermann Pearland and Southeast Chief Nursing Officer Mary Carrillo, MSN, MBA, RN, CVRN, FABC, says the initiatives were designed to both strengthen the hospitals’ relationship with local EMS agencies and to help the agencies better serve the community.

“We met with the EMS agencies who frequently bring patients to us, and they explained they were extremely resource constrained. They also provide 911 service to the community, and they were being forced to let 911 calls roll over. We knew we could help them by getting them in and out and back on the street more quickly,” says Carrillo. “They said they would be happy with a 30-minute turnaround; we’re aiming for 15 to 20.”

Initial EMS Response ‘Very Positive’

Carrillo says initial response has been very positive. “We have kiosks in the EMS break rooms that allow EMS personnel to provide anonymous feedback to us, and we’ve spoken to the crews. We’ve received a lot of favorable feedback,” she says. ”Our approval rating has increased to 95%. And they tell us they can feel the sense of urgency.”

To learn more about the EMS Save Time initiative, contact Gregg Shoemaker, director – Emergency Services, Memorial Hermann Pearland, (713) 413-6552, and Megan Garifalos, director – Emergency Services, Memorial Hermann Southeast, (281) 929-6224.

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