Firework safety is a big problem. Thousands of people are treated each year for firework-related injuries. A majority of these injuries could have been prevented by using safety measures when handling fireworks.

Basic Safety Measures You Should Take When Using Fireworks

  1. Buy fireworks from reliable dealers. Buying fireworks from someone who is selling them from the trunk of a car is not a good idea!
  2. Make sure you read all the directions and follow them as well. Please remember that fireworks are explosives.
  3. Use fireworks outdoors only. People have tried on several occasions to create 'light shows' indoors which can be incredibly dangerous.
  4. Make sure you have plenty of water nearby, not just one bucket. A garden hose that is hooked up and working well is your best tool.
  5. Do not allow children to play with fireworks. Always have a responsible adult present.
  6. Do not try and make your own fireworks. They are very complicated and making them should be left to the professionals.
  7. Do not light multiple fireworks at once. This can be very dangerous because any accident could spiral out of control at an uncontrollable rate.
  8. Do not point fireworks at people or throw them at people.
  9. Do not carry fireworks in your pocket, backpack or purse!
  10. When you dispose of fireworks, make sure you soak them in a bucket of water first.
  11. Wear eye protection when lighting fireworks. Also, make sure all body parts are out of the way.

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